The first flights to Suceava started operating since 1962 and in 1963 the airport benefited from a concrete runway and an approach light system in order to improve its services.

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Suceava is known to be "The Gateway to Bucovina" because of the strategic location in the north-east part of the country, in an area with a great tourism potential, that can attract both romanian and foreign tourists.

Closed between January 2014 - November 2015 for modernization.

Suceava International Airport has finished implementing the project: "Modernization of the movement area and lighting system, control tower and arrangement of land for the location of ILS navigation system".

We are the first airport from Romania that accessed European funds for modernization, having signed a financing contract for the amount of 39.553.421 Euros.


  • New runway - 2460 m, with a width of 45 m with verges of 2x7,5 m and with a Pavement Classification number of 110 0/F/C/W/T
    • and modernized taxiways (120m length and 23 m width with verges, and a pavement of 110 0/F/C/W/T strength)
    • and apron (275.5 m length,113.5 m width and a pavement of 73 R/A/W/T strength which will provide 6 aircraft parking stands) .
  • New control tower - measuring a height of 19,15 m and a surface of 629,80 m2.
  • Modernized lighting system - Cat. II.
  • Increased passenger service quality and terminal capacity up to 200 passengers per hour.

Airline currently operating internal flights: Tarom.

Additional summer charter flights to Antalya.