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Stimați pasageri,

Aeroportul ”Ștefan cel Mare – Suceava” se află în lucrări de modernizare.

Ne cerem scuze pentru disconfortul creat.

Vă mulțumim!

  • Ground power support;
  • Lavatory, water drainage;
  • Potable water services;
  • Aircraft cleaning;
  • De/anti-icing services;
  • Aircraft towing wih carrier`s own tow-bar
  • Cargo loading/unloading;
  • Fire fighting assistance for refuelling with passengers on board;
  • Loading/unloading baggages and delivery/reception to aircraft;
  • Aircraft security control;
  • Aircraft cabin heater;
  • Aircraft desinfection;
  • Passenger transport to/from aircraft;
  • Passengers with reduced mobility assistance;
  • Check-in services;
  • Baggage sorting;
  • Baggage transport services;
  • VIP services and passenger assistance